May 2012 - Danielle Gill


LTJG Daniel Gill USN 

Class of 2003


After  ECS, Danielle graduated from FSU in 2007 with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. She spent her last semester abroad, studying Arabic in Cairo, Egypt. She  found it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life, not at all what she thought Egypt would be like.  After graduation, she joined the Navy and was commissioned om May 8th, 2008.  From there, she reported to Aviation Preflight Indoctrination at Naval Air School in Pensacola, FL where she began  flight school.  She learned how to fly both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  She spent some time in in San Diego where she learned to fly he MH60S Knight Hawks.  From there, she moved to Guam for her first permanent duty station.


She has been in Guam for almost a year now and calls it the hardest but most rewarding year of her life.  She has qualified as a Helicopter Second Pilot on the Knight Hawks after only 3 months in the  squadron and is presently studying to make Helicopter Aircraft Commander.  In May, she will have been in the Navy for four years.  Last year she deployed to a ship in support of the George Washington Strike Group for eight months.  She is looking forward to her next deployment in Udari, Kuwait flying MEDVAC missions.


Danielle  loves traveling and  her life in the Navy. She is looking forward to what the future has for her. Her final words in her letter were: “ I love my life and my job and I appreciate the role that ECS took in getting me here.”